Constructed swimming pools

The building of constructed swimming pools is synonymous with quality. Very resistant throughout time, meaning a building for life. We are specialists in your construction. We adapt the design according to the terrain and its dimensions. The constructed pools are very much appreciated for both owners of single-family homes and neighbourhood communities, which have a large garden that they would like to, turn into a leisure area when facing the warmer seasons.  

The virtues of a built swimming pool.

  • The structure does not need later maintenance.
  • Materials such as concrete are used which are very strong and resistant over many years.
  • They can increase the value of a home of up to 7%.
  • Endless design and customization options.
  • Adaptable to the environment
  • Secure.


Design and customization of constructed swimming pools

If a pool featuring a distinctive style is what you are looking for, constructed pools are the best option due to their versatility, both in shape and size, and for their combination of materials. Many members of the family can participate in the creative process and contribute ideas, as the capacity for customization on a pool project is very extensive: depth, materials, layout, accessories… The results are always very satisfactory. Constructed pools cause great visual impact and at the same time are practical and functional. Do you need more information? Constructed pools can be shot in concrete or sand. We leave you with some more information:

  • Shotcrete pools
  • Sand shot pools