With Hydrolysis combat rust and eliminates all organic matter present in the water. Later, the oxidants generated are transformed into water, thus not existing residual elements. The treatment of water for hydrolysis is a closed system in which there is no salt consumption. It is the most complete system that is currently integrates disinfection action, algaecide and flocculant without adding chemicals to the water, with the comfort that this entails.

Piscines Ramser offers solutions to improve the water you consume. Water is a universal solvent, throughout the cycle water interacts with all elements of the earth. Unfortunately during this process is contaminated because of external actors: industry, pesticides, etc. So all drinking water should be treated for a minimum of potability parameters that government guarantees. However the symptoms of water pollution that may adversely affect our health and to facilities for our homes.

Piscines Ramser works every day to achieve a better quality of water that is consumed in our homes. Our technical department is constantly looking to offer teams the most advanced technology, the highest quality and great reliability in water treatment, reverse osmosis, water softeners to Girona, Figueres, Alt and Baix Emporda, Costa Brava, etc.

Our clients are assessed using a previously informative visit of a technical and commercial study to determine the maximum efficiency of the equipment that best suits your needs. Piscines Ramser have a team of highly qualified installers and a great experience.

Piscines Ramser also offers a range of possibilities both for industry and for the hospitality and recreational sports complex. Our service will study the water treatment plant, water softeners and/or osmosis, etc. more suited to their needs.