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Pool leaks

One of the biggest problems in a swimming pool is the loss of water,
If you find that your pool is leaking water in a rapid and unusual way, then you have a pool leak.
The causes can be several and even more than one, such as:

  • Cracks in the pool glass
  • Breakage or fissure of the hydraulic circuit pipe
  • Junction points between concrete and vessel elements
  • Leaks caused by light bulbs
  • Leaks in the filtration.
  • Others

We are specialists in the detection, repair and rehabilitation of pools with water leaks with different pathologies with the best technologies on the market.
We perform tightness tests of the hydraulic circuit, endoscopic review with a camera that explores the interior of the pipes to exactly locate the water leak.
We also use an ultrasonic detector, a highly sensitive microphone that detects the sounds generated by the loss of water from the tube.
All this in order to find the best solution in detecting the leak and solving the problem quickly and efficiently.
If you have any problem of leakage in the pool, do not hesitate to contact us and we will proceed to carry out a diagnosis and solution in this regard.