It is the disinfection system with the most advanced technology on the market with an integral photo-electrochemical treatment of water with double treatment and disinfection capacity, providing the highest levels of water and environmental quality.
The combination in a single reactor of the UV technique (low pressure or medium pressure) + Low salinity electrolysis is a new advance in the treatment and disinfection of swimming pool water (residential and public) since they give double disinfection capacity by adding the most notable features and benefits of each of these two technologies.

How does it work :
With UV radiation + chlorine generated by electrolysis.
Direct electrochemical destruction of organic matter in water catalyzed by UV radiation, with double chloramine removal capacity (combined chlorine)
Photochemical elimination produced by UVC radiation generated by the lamp located inside the system.
Electrochemical reduction of the same on the electrodes in charge of the electrolysis process.
Filter washes with the sole objective of reducing (diluting) the concentration of chloramines in the water disappear.
It is a sustainable technology due to the water and energy savings derived from its use.
Comprehensive treatment as it has oxidative capacity with residual effect, complying with existing regulations.
It is a system 100% compatible with the usual treatment and control systems.
Easy and simple installation.