Polyester pools

Polyester pools integrate well in all environments. They are a cheaper solution than constructed pools, but not so far behind with regards to safety, shapes and durability. Polyester pools are a very convenient option for every householder who wants to put a pool in their garden quickly and with the least possible inconvenience. The results are usually excellent and their virtues run by word of mouth.

Polyester pools and the manufacturing process.

To install a polyester pool first we have to mark the ground to excavate and then smooth the resulting sinkhole. Then, we put into place the surface of the pool (in only one piece).

Benefits of polyester pools

  • The steps have a non-slip surface, ideal for children
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Fiberglass is a good thermal insulator and withstands high temperatures well
  • Waterproof material non-reactive to acids

Polyester pools are an affordable but high quality alternative. The limitations in the customization of the design must be taken into consideration, but do not represent an insurmountable obstacle. Polyester pools sell very well thanks to their multiple advantages in relation to their low cost. If the design of the pool is a secondary element what you are looking for above all else is a practical and functional pool that will delight both the children and adults, the polyester pools are a winning choice.