Sand swimming pools

The construction technique of shot sand pools follows the line of shotcrete pools; the difference is that in this way. We get softer shapes and finishes. The name sand swimming pool is because its undulations are a reminder of the curvatures characteristic of beaches and coves.

The dressing of sand pools

Sand pools have the same advantages in terms of strength and durability as shotcrete pools, the differentiating point is in the coating. Instead of using a glass coating, a sand based compound of different granulation is applied together with various resins so that the material is securely attached to the concrete, achieving the aforementioned effect. Sand swimming pools allow the finishes to be played with like no other technique does, giving you the feeling of being in the sea. A sand swimming pool becomes a small oasis of fun or tranquillity, a place where you can free the mind and let it fly. The possibilities are limitless, contact us and learn what we can do for you. construccio-piscines-sorra-4-284x177construccio-piscines-sorra-3-284x177