Shotcrete pools (gunite)

The construction of shotcrete pools through the gunite technique is on the rise due to their durability and possibilities in design and finishing. The shotcrete (gunite) pools are very malleable, they allow adaptation of size, depth, shapes and finishes according to the guidelines given by the customer. It is common for families to comment with smiles how they feel that the pool project is more theirs thanks to the possibilities of this technique.

How a Shotcrete pool is constructed

It is convenient to have a slight notion of the gunite technique, so you can tell if this adapts to the needs of the project as well the garden features and the composition of the land on which the pool is projected. The process begins when the concrete is projected through a high-pressure hose. The material is deposited on any surface, even on the floor, leaving as a result a single block, compact and seamless. Thus, a retaining wall for holding ground pressure is formed offering full impermeability thanks to the low porosity of the material.

Advantages of the shotcrete (gunite) pools

  • Using less material, we obtain great strength and durability.
  • more compact surfaces
  • Total impermeability

The shotcrete pools are an excellent choice if you are looking for innovation, pools of impossible designs or impeccable finishes, which with traditional techniques could not be achieved. With shotcrete pools, we are able to say that dreams are a little more real. Discover concrete pools.