Ultraviolet disinfection

Win in quality and health

The most efficient disinfection to achieve a better quality water. With our UV equipment, irritations of the skin, mucous membranes, hair and eyes are reduced, improving bath conditions.

It is a security investment since it allows you to treat 100% of the pool water.
The disinfection is maximum thanks to the great reduction of chloramines and water is disinfected without smells or irritations in the eyes.

In addition to being a respectful system with the environment, it reduces the contribution of new water which means a daily saving in water and in heating energy. Less residual by-products are formed in the water and the environment and allows not having to add any type of chemical to the water.

UV treatment systems with medium and low pressure lamps can be used both in private and public pools.

Efficiency is maximized thanks to our high-end products that comply with all current health regulations.