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Water recovery: ready to optimize your pool

With water restrictions easing this summer, discover how to enjoy your pool without worries. The relaxation of water restrictions due to drought is coming to Catalonia for this summer 2024. The recent rainfall has improved the situation of the Catalan reservoirs, allowing the range of consumption to expand. Despite the drought not ending, the forecast […]

Your pool at 28ºc all year round. what do you think about it?

Heated pools offer the opportunity to enjoy swimming all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Thanks to efficient heating systems, these pools maintain a constant and pleasant temperature, creating a cozy atmosphere even during the coldest months.

Salt water pools, pros and disadvantages.

Saltwater pools are an increasingly popular alternative to conventional chlorine pools. In this system, salt is converted to chlorine through a saltwater generator, eliminating the need to manually add liquid or tablet chlorine.

What are covers needed for?

Pool covers are a versatile investment that offers a number of practical and safety benefits. These covers can be rigid or flexible and are used to completely cover the surface of the pool when not in use.

What can we manage with the home automation service?

Home automation in swimming pools is revolutionizing the way aquatic spaces are managed and enjoyed. This technology integrates automated systems to control and monitor various pool functions, such as water temperature, lighting, filtration and even water chemistry.


At Piscinas Ramser we have an exclusive department for pool design that will advise you throughout the life of your project.