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Saltwater pools

Saltwater pool builder in girona province | ecological disinfection

Saline chlorinators for healthier pools

If you’re tired of having eyes and irritated skin, or be buying chlorine every few minutes for your swimming pool, a saltwater pool may be the solution, now let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of a system that increasingly use more private and public pools.

The saltwater pools using salt chlorinators, they generate chlorine from the salt. The salt chlorinators are devices that are integrated into the filter system and take the salt water using electrolysis to generate chlorine gas, which dissolves instantly in water and disinfected.

For those concerned with the preservation of the environment should clarify that we are generating hypochlorite, which decomposes when it will become salt. Being so totally ecological cycle that respects nature. We must also be clear that the level of salt salty pools is much lower than the level of salt from the sea water, specifically we are talking about a tenth or less.

The salt used is sodium chloride, ie, common salt as you can have in the shaker table. One advantage is saving money in both maintenance and chemicals. In maintaining stable levels, the consumption of chemicals is reduced, and automate the process saving hours of work or personal. When not handle chlorine directly reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure that the concentration of chlorine in the water will never be excessive.

Goodbye pools with water smells of chlorine, goodbye to irritation of skin and eyes, goodbye to damaged hair. The saltwater pools have no problems, maybe some people do not enjoy the salty taste, but is much less salty than sea water so it should not be a problem. As for the owner, either a small private pool, a swimming pool of the hotel or some neighbors, it is true that the system requires a saline chlorination installation cost, but rather a long-term investment as we get a water quality and reduce the cost of chemicals.

When it comes to a small pool can save money in the long term, and when it is a large pool of a hotel or a building or a fitness center can save money that can be invested in other improvements.


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