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Water recovery: ready to optimize your pool

Water recovery: ready to optimize your pool - Ramser piscines
Water recovery: ready to optimize your pool - Ramser piscines

With water restrictions easing this summer, discover how to enjoy your pool without worries.

The relaxation of water restrictions due to drought is coming to Catalonia for this summer 2024. The recent rainfall has improved the situation of the Catalan reservoirs, allowing the range of consumption to expand. Despite the drought not ending, the forecast for improvement is optimistic.

This summer, it is already allowed to fill public and private swimming pools for community use, as long as they are considered as a “climate refuge.” At Ramser we are fully prepared to provide the best service so that everyone can enjoy a refreshing experience throughout this hot period.

Swimming pools can become examples of efficiency taking into account conscious water management. For example, do not empty your pool; with proper maintenance you will avoid generating more expenses and you will be able to reuse the water. And what happens with evaporation throughout the year or the fall of small garbage? The perfect solution is the installation of a cover. Avoid unnecessary headaches!

If you want to refill it, a sustainable drought measure could be salt water. It is an abundant resource that has gained quite a bit of popularity as an alternative to preserving fresh water.

We put at your disposal our professional service specialized in maintenance to find the most appropriate way to care for the pool in times of drought. Whether it is necessary to find needs or problems to be fixed, or choose optimal maintenance, with Ramser you will leave your pool in good hands.   

Enjoy your recreational space to the fullest!


At Piscinas Ramser we have an exclusive department for pool design that will advise you throughout the life of your project.